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The Philippine Society of Sanitary Engineers, Inc. (PSSE) is the only professional organization of Sanitary Engineers in the Philippines accredited by the Professional Regulations Commission by virtue of PRC Board Resolution No. 2009-497 & Certificate of Accreditation No. 26. The PSSE is also the only PRC accredited CPE Provider for Sanitary Engineering. It will soon be renamed to Philippine Society of Environmental and Sanitary Engineers, Inc. (PSEnSE).







A Momentous Event for the

Philippine Society of Sanitary Engineers, Inc.





Setting a Precedent: The turnover program





Keynote Speech of the Inducting Officer



The Inducting Officer, Federico A. Monsada, ASEAN Engr., President of the Philippine Technological Council (PTC) delivering his keynote speech.  He expounded the thrust of the PTC, the umbrella of thirteen (13) engineering and technological professional organizations, including the PSSE, in the country.
In summary, PTC is gearing towards the implementation of the ASEAN single economy in 2015.  PTC’s involvement in this is two-pronged:
 1.   The accreditation of schools following the guidelines under the Washington Accord, the    Philippines having been accepted as provisional member in Jun 2013. Moving forward, all graduates of accredited schools are recognized in member economies. Only the PTC is the recognized accrediting body under the Washington Accord.
2.   For practicing engineers prior to Jun 2013 will need the PTC’s endorsement to obtain the recognition as ASEAN or APEC Engr., after proving that the applicant has satisfied all requirements.



Oath Taking of the New Board of Directors of PSSE



The 26th (2014-2015) Board of Directors, led by President Bonifacio B. Magtibay, F.PSSE (7th from right), took their oath of office in ceremonies held at the Club Filipino last 4 January 2014.  The Inducting Officer was Federico A. Monsada, ASEAN Engr., the President of the Philippine Technological Council.


In the photo (L-R) are: Engr. Monsada, Directors Rolando G. Mangulabnan, Leonardo C. Sawal, Romeo R. Quizon, Casiano E. Gonzales, Jr., Auditor Allan R. Alzona, Vice-President Emiliana P. Dela Cruz, Treasurer Virginia T. Rocabo, Media Relations Officer Bernardo C. Hornilla, DPA, F. PSSE, Directors Rico S. Ongcoy, F. PSSE, Robert S. Licup, Ph. D., F.PSSE, Albert A. Perfecto and Immediate Past President Antonio A. Avila, F. PSSE.



Valedictory Address of the Outgoing PSSE President




Immediate Past President Antonio A. Avila, F.PSSE delivering his Valedictory Address and mentioned the accomplishment during his term (2012-2013), notable of which is the renewal of the accreditation of the Philippine Society of Sanitary Engineers, Inc. by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and will expire in December 2016.  Among the things that needed for this renewal is bringing the PSSE in good standing with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).





Hand-over and Acceptance of PSSE Leadership



The ceremonial hand-over and acceptance of the leadership of the Philippine Society of Sanitary Engineers, Inc.





Inaugural Speech of the Incoming PSSE President




The newly inducted President of the Philippine Society of Sanitary Engineers, Inc., Engr. Bonifacio B. Magtibay delivering his inaugural speech. His agenda in leading the PSSE is indeed SHARP (Seven-point Agenda for a Resilient PSSE). Here are the 7—Ps for a resilient PSSE:
      1.    Proficient career path and professional practice
      2.    Progressive education and skills upgrading
      3.    Product certification and endorsement
      4.    Partnership for synergy
      5.    Pioneering research and technology development
      6.    Providing services to  the poor and environment

      7.    Performance recognition